Kirill Kyakk

Chief Executive Officer at VNICTT

  • Kirill Kyakk was appointed to the superior position at VNICTT in May 2013.
  • Before that, Kirill worked in Railcar-Building Engineering Center which is engaged in the development engineering and launching into manufacture of freight rolling stock. As Chief Structural Engineer, he was responsible for projects "New freight car types with highly improved capability". A product range of innovative products was designed under the supervision of Kirill and manufactured in TVSZ. Earlier, Kirill worked at submarines and civil ships development in such companies as SPMBM (Saint-Petersburg Sea Bureau of Engineering) Malachite and Baltiysky Zavod.
  • Kirill Kyakk graduated from the State Marine Technical University of St. Petersburg (SMTU) with a degree in "Shipbuilding". He passed Ph.D. defense at the St. Petersburg State Transport University and got a Ph.D. in "Engineering Science".