All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology

All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology (VNICTT) was established based on RPC UWC as a scientific-and-research design division operating in the freight railway rolling stock industry.

This engineering Centre’s objective is to develop and launch into manufacture innovative cars and components with advanced technical and economical features, as well as increased axle loads. Such car operation will allow increase reliability, speed and consequently reduction of the negative impact on the rail track, higher operation safety and train-handling capacity of the network.

Activities VNIСTT covering whole lifecycle of new freight cars, bogies and components.

The main VNICTT’s activities are as follows:

  • Design of new and remodeled cars, bogies and its’ components;
  • Realization of projects on new facilities development, as well as current production modernization;
  • Maintenance support, development and implementation of car and bogie repair techniques;
  • Support of projects on production cost reduction, process optimization, implementation of new design solutions for materials etc.

Science and Engineering consultative Council

RPC “United Wagon Company” includes science and engineering consultative council, which is responsible for the innovation activity development of the railway holding company and its scientific and technical policy to manufacture new generation rolling stock, including heavy-load cars.

The science and engineering consultative council aims to solve a wide range of issues on determination of advanced and cost-effective rolling stock models to be produced at UWC's rail car plants, evaluation of modern design ideas and process solutions, focused on significant improvement of freight cars effectiveness and railways in the whole.

In addition, the Council cooperates with scientific and science-engineering councils of external companies in particular for inter-branch problem solving.

The science and engineering consultative council combines more than 20 scientists.

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