Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant

TVSZ is one of the largest facilities in Europe

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant is among the largest and most advanced rail transport engineering facilities to be installed in Europe in recent years.

The enterprise produces over 70 different modifications of new generation freight cars including articulated types: 
- gondolas, hoppers, flat cars;
- tank cars for transportation of chemically active substances, LPG, oil and its products, foodstuffs;
- other types of freight cars (box cars, dumpcars, etc.).

Integrated in one technological complex car-assembly and casting lines at TVSZ ensure high productivity and flexibility of production operations.

Production of new generation cars

The plant produces new generation freight cars whose key component is an innovative 25 t bogie, Model 18-9855, unparalleled in terms of its technical and economic parameters in the 1520-mm gauge area. The bogie has a maintenance interval of up to 1 million km or 8 years.

TVSZ freight cars combine increased payload capacity, reduced impact on the permanent way, extended service life and greater operating reliability, offering numerous advantages to operators, consignors and the infrastructure they use. More details on TVSZ car models can be found in the "Production" section.

Modern instrumentation of the plant

TVSZ is a high-tech enterprise, which uses advanced technologies and equipment. It is the first time the latest international rolling stock and automotive industry technologies and practices are used for the production of rail cars. Many of the up-do-date equipment modules at TVSZ are among just a few of their kind that have been deployed worldwide.

Primary plant equipment has been supplied by top-class manufacturers in more than 40 countries.

Up-to-date production management introduction

TVSZ uses an integrated enterprise management system to maximize production efficiency and competitiveness of its products. The system combines a business management and production system.

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant is among enterprises of transport machine building industry that use the management system complying the requirements of ISO/TS 22163:2017 international standard, ensuring efficient business processes that meet increasingly stringent consumer demands, thereby ensuring high profitability for TVSZ.

The production system at the plant follows “lean manufacturing” philosophy and instruments, using the world’s best Lean practices, including Value Stream Mapping, Total Productive Maintenance, Single-Minute Exchange of Dies, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, 5S, etc.).

Reliability and quality guarantees

Careful design and the use of advanced technologies in production ensure that our products achieve high levels of performance. Support of the products by an experienced team of specialists from the initial design stage to serial production, as well as overall assessment using modern testing methods of capability and characteristics of each component form the basis of our priorities which are quality and reliability.