Created in 2012, United Wagon Company owes its success to consistent investing in its production facilities, processes and research activities. UWC with its impressive manufacturing facilities holds strong leadership in innovative railcar building industry ranking among the world’s largest freight car manufacturers. You can get more information on how modern railcars are made and tested by watching a series of “Sdelano v Rossii” (Made in Russia in English), a programme by RBC TV, available below.

A tank car stands among the most sophisticated types of rolling stock as it is designed to carry a variety of liquid, gas, hazardous and aggressive cargos. Both the tank and fittings shall be thoroughly customized to take into account various features of the product to ensure its safe transportation, so a properly made tank car is always made to specific requirements. Elaborating design and engineering solutions for these railcars needs a solid research and development base. The intricacies of tank car design and manufacture are shown below in another series of “Sdelano v Rossii” by RBC TV.