United Wagon Company (UWC) understands the importance of strong corporate governance, and we are working hard to ensure our corporate governance meets international best practice.

In accordance with UWC’s Charter, the supreme governing body of UWC is the General Shareholders' Meeting, which is makes all key decisions related to the company. The Board of Directors is responsible for the general management of the company and is elected annually by the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

The Board approves the company’s strategic objectives, ensures corporate governance principles are upheld and makes sure the business is transparent by adhering to disclosure rules.

There are 7 members on UWC’s Board:

  • Sokolov Aleksandr Konstantinovich – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Non-Executive Director
  • Bokarev Andrey Removich – Independent Director
  • Khalilov Rakhman Iskender ogly – Independent Director
  • Khryapov Timofey Vladimirovich – Executive Director 
  • Varivonchik Vladimir Vladimirovich – Non-Executive Director
  • Kirillov Artem Anatolievich – Non-Executive Director
  • Chagay Sergey Viktorovich – Non-Executive Director

UWC also has two Committees of the Board of Directors: the Audit Committee and Remuneration and Nomination Committee. Each Committee is responsible for reviewing their particular area of competence and forming appropriate recommendations.