PJSC “Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” (“RPC UWC” or the Holding) (MOEX: UWGN), the market leader in innovative railcar manufacturing in the 1520 mm gauge area, announces its operational results for the fourth quarter and the twelve months of 2015.

In 4Q 2015, the production output reached 3.9 thousand railcars, 43% higher than the same period in 2014.  Over the whole of 2015, the Holding manufactured 12.4 thousand railcars, a 28% increase over 2014. The positive dynamics was due to the increased production capacity and larger order volumes.

In 2015, RPC UWC certified 6 models of railcars with increased loading capacity, including the sulphuric acid tank car. The production and deliveries of the tank car began in December when CJSC “TikvinChemMash”, the Holding’s new plant, was launched.

The fleet owned and operated by RPC UWC increased by 43% reaching 27.2 thousand railcars at the end of 2015. The increase was due to a major expansion of the fleet operated by Vostok1520, a transport company.

The increase in Vostok1520’s fleet and loadings was due to the growing demand for shipments by innovative railcars. In the reporting quarter the company carried 4.6 million tons of cargo, 4 times more than over the same period last year, and over the 12 months of 2015 - 11.9 million tons, 4.6 more than in 2014. Freight turnover has also shown dynamic growth due to increased average transportation distance and more block train shipments. Thus, in 4Q 2015 the turnover grew 3.4 times against 4Q 2014 and amounted 19 billion tkm, the volume for the whole of 2015 being five times higher - 47.9 billion tkm.

The statistics for 2015 show that the number of current uncoupling repairs for TVZS’s new-generation railcars was 15 times below the network average. In order to ensure that new generation railcars equipped with Barber bogies receive high-quality and timely maintenance, the Holding is expanding its network of service and training centres, and developing their competencies. With another service centre launched at October Railway in the reporting quarter, their total number in the CIS reached 51 units.