Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” (“UWC” or Holding) (MOEX: UNWG), the market leader in innovative railcar building in the 1520 mm gauge area, keeps expanding into the international market. The Holding won an international tender organized by UC RUSAL, one of the world’s largest aluminum producers, for the supply of freight cars to the Republic of Guinea. The first rolling stock batch has already been shipped.

The batch counts 114 hopper cars total. The rolling stock will be used to transport bauxites from the world’s largest deposit Dian-Dian (Boké Region), developed by RUSAL. The hopper car design was developed by All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology (part of UWC). The railcar configuration complies with the US AAR railroad standard, including its dimensions, bogie, coupling and brake equipment. The railcar is designed to be operated under increased abrasive and corrosive wear typical of the tropical African climate. The hopper cars are manufactured at the TikhvinSpetsMash plant (part of UWC).

The export version of the hopper car for transportation of bauxite has the carrying capacity of 101.5 tonnes and the cubic capacity of 54 m3. The main characteristic of the freight car that makes it fundamentally distinct from market analogues is a unique system of quick drop unloading onto the track (two hatches on each side of the car, having the total length of 5.5 m). The railcar bogie with the axle load of 32.5 tf is designed for the 1435 mm gauge.

Maxim Kuzemchenko, Deputy CEO, Business Development at UWC, said: “Manufacturers from Russia, North America, China, South Africa and Ukraine were competing for Guinea supplies. Despite the harsh competition, we came up with the best bid and won the tender. I am positive that our manufacturing competences and world-class technologies will help UWC to further build up its presence in the global car-building market.

“The Dian-Dian deposit is developed in accordance with the schedule. Forming a car fleet will provide for stable bauxite transportation from the mine to the shipping port. Collaboration with a Russian company within the framework of our international project is a vivid example of demand for Russian competences and their competitive strength both in the mining industry and in mechanical engineering,” noted Yakov Itskov, Director, Alumina Division at UC RUSAL.