Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (“UWC” or “the Holding”) (MOEX: UWGN), the market leader in innovative railcar building in the 1,520 mm gauge area, rose higher in the annual ratings of Russia’s largest companies compiled by RAEX rating agency and by prominent media holdings, Forbes and RBC.

Measured by revenue in 2017, UWC ranked 148th among the biggest privatey owned Russian companies, according to Forbes (up from 165th place in 2016), 200th in the RAEX-600 ranking of the largest Russian companies (up from 228th), and took 191st place in the RBC 500: Russian businessrating (from 211th).

Revenue of UWC in 2017 was 62 billion rubles, representing an increase of 28% over the previous year. The positive revenue trend was due to growth of production and sales, as well as higher prices for freight cars and increase of leasing rates for rolling stock.

The annual growth of revenue proves stable development of the Holding and competent implementation of its strategy.

Full versions of the ratings can be found via the links: Forbes, RAEX-600 и RBC 500.