• Overview of the Russian Railway Market in January-February 2019

    Loading increased by 1.6% in January 2018 as compared to last year and amounted to 105.4 million tons, and freight increased by 2.1% to 220.0 billion tariff t-km. The sales of cars by the CIS plants amounted to 5.8 thousand units (including gondola cars ─ 3.4 thousand units) which is 15% higher than the results of January 2018. (5.1 thousand units). At the same time, decommission of cars amounted to about 2.2 thousand units (including gondola cars ─ 0.4 thousand units).

  • Overview of the Russian Railway Market in 2018 – forecast for 2019

    Loading in the RZD network amounted to a total of 1289.6 million tons in 2018. This is 2.2% higher than in the previous year and is the maximum level over the last nine years. In 2018 freight turnover set a new historical record for Russia and reached 2596.4 billion t-km (+4.2% as compared to 2017). In 2018, sales of cars by CIS plants amounted to 83.2 thousand units, which is 24% higher than the results of 2017, and Russian plants produced 68.8 thousand units (42.3 thousand of which were gondola cars), which is almost 20% higher than the values of last year and is the highest result over the last five years. A total of about 29.4 thousand cars were decommissioned in 2018.