• Global Railway Review

    United Wagon Company receives 200 hopper car order from TOAZ

    The United Wagon Company hopper cars will be used by TOAZ for the transportation of mineral fertilisers, with delivery expected by the end of May 2020.

  • Global Railway Review

    United Wagon Company flat cars for European track gauge pass testing

    The Sggrs80 six-axle articulated flat car for transporting heavyweight containers, produced by United Wagon Company for Deutsche Bahn, has successfully passed homologation and certification testing in Europe.

  • The Herald

    Rolling stock boost for NRZ

    The resuscitation of the National Railways of Zimbabwe received a major boost yesterday after Government guaranteed the payment of the initial US$1,5 million required to facilitate the delivery of 100 wagons and 40 locomotives by a Russian firm, United Wagon Company, the second largest manufacturer of railway rolling stock in the world.

  • Tank News International

    Laude Smart orders additional batch of Tikhvin-produced cars

    Polish operator Laude Smart Intermodal SA has ordered ab additional batch of Tikhvin-produced cars.

  • International Transport Journal

    Polish intermodal operator orders 200 freight cars

    The vehicles are used for the transportation of heavy-duty containers along the 1,520-mm track gauge corridor between Russia and Poland.

  • Railvolution

    OVK received certification for its articulated hoppers

    OVK (UWC) announced that it has received certification of RS FZhT (Register of Certification for the Federal Railway Transport) for two models of six-axle articulated hopper wagons. The Model 19-6978 and 19-6978-01 six-axle hoppers are designed for the transportation of grain and mineral fertilizers.

  • Global Railway Review

    UWC receives RC FRT certification for two articulated hopper cars

    The 19-6978 and 19-6978-01 model six-axle hopper cars have been designed specifically for the transportation of grain freight and mineral fertilisers, respectively. By having these particular cars in operation on Russia's network, it enables the increase of carrying capacity by 22 per cent and the reduction of the required fleet size by 38 per cent.

  • International Transport Journal

    Siberian rail operator orders additional fleet of cars

    Russian freight car manufacturer United Wagon Company will deliver a batch of freight cars running on 25 t axle load bogies to the Sibirsky Krai transport company.

  • Tank News International

    UWC and Laude Smart Intermodal SA develop partnership on 1,435 mm track gauge

    Research and production corporation United Wagon Company (UWC) and Polish company Laude Smart Intermodal SA, one of the fastest growing enterprises in the intermodal transport services and logistics sector in Central and Eastern Europe, have signed a contract on the supply of 200 Sgmmns flat cars for the transportation of heavy-duty containers throughout the 1,435-mm track gauge area.