• Railvolution

    OVK container wagons for RB Group

    UWC announced that it will supply 3,600 Model 13-6903 container wagons to RB Group, a rolling stock owner and operator, whose partners are major seaports, forwarding companies, terminals and logistics centres. Delivery dates were not disclosed. By December 2020, the RB Group’s fleet included 2,500 flat wagons.

  • Railvolution

    Lokotrans took over a batch of new box wagons

    Under the contract signed in early 2021, UWC delivered in late March 50 Model 11-6874 box wagons to Lokotrans, Yaroslavl. Together with the box wagons and timber flat wagons delivered to the operator earlier, its fleet now includes a total of 750 wagons built in Tikhvin.

  • Railvolution

    OVK built flat wagons for VIK

    UWC and VIK, a wholesale raw wood and timber merchant, announced a contract for the supply of 40 Model 13-6852-02 flat wagons for transporting timber materials.

  • International Transport Journal

    1,000 flat cars for intermodal network

    Intermodal operator Trans Synergy has ordered 1,000 large-capacity container flat cars from Russian freight car manufacturer UWC. This is the companies' second deal: 360 similar container flat cars were delivered to Trans Synergy last year.

  • Railvolution

    More container wagons for Trans Sinergia

    OVK (UWC) announced that it will supply 1,000 large-capacity container wagons to the intermodal container operator Trans Sinergia (Trans Synergy) during 2021.

  • Railway PRO

    UWC delivers additional flat cars to Arkhbum

    United Wagon Company has delivered a new batch of timber flat cars to the rail operator Arkhbum, a subsidiary of the Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill.

  • Railvolution

    Skinest Rail orders LPG tank wagons

    UWC and the Estonian Skinest Rail group have signed a contract for the supply of 23 LPG tank wagons, destined for operation in the Baltic states. A complete batch to be built at TikhvinKhimMash of Tikhvin is scheduled for delivery in June this year.

  • Railvolution

    First OVK wagons for Mongolia

    In mid-December 2020, OVK (UWC) announced that it has won an international tender to supply Mongolia with 810 high-capacity gondolas. For the first time in the history, the Russian-built wagons fitted with the 25 t axle-load bogies will be operated on the Mongolian 1,520 mm gauge network.