• Railway Gazette

    Building a busy business

    In barely a decade, United Wagon Co has become one of Russia’s leading builders of freight rolling stock. Vladimir Waldin reports from Tikhvin.

  • Railvolution

    UWC takes first place in Russia in wagon production

    According to a Ranking of the TOP Rolling Stock Manufacturers in Russia in 2018 compiled by INFOLine-Analytics, UWC (OVK) took first place by number of wagons produced in Russia (19,700) and third place among the leading global manufacturers (after the Chinese CRRC Corporation and the American-European Greenbrier Companies).

  • Railvolution

    Advantages of using wagons with greater payload capacity

    Between 2015 and 2017 Russian wagon owners acquired 64,000 high-capacity 25 t axle-load gondola wagons and only 6,400 gondolas of the older design originating in the Soviet era. This gave the various wagon works in Russia an opportunity to gear up their production schedules over the coming two years, and retain their specialised workforces. Demand has risen steadily: in 2018 TVSZ’s 25 t axle-weight bogie production capacity was running at 100%.

  • International Railway Journal

    Eurosib signs contract for 400 container wagons from UWC

    The flat wagons will be manufactured at UWC's Tikhvin freight wagon manufacturing facility, with the wagons to be delivered on a monthly basis from June through to February next year.

  • Global Railway Review

    Shchekinoazot to replenish its fleet with 101 tank cars from UWC

    With the addition of the new contracts, the total number of cars produced by TikhvinChemMash (a UWC company) in the Shchekinoazot fleet will reach 396.

  • Railvolution

    New hoppers for RIF

    UWC announced it will supply Trade House RIF with 700 hopper cars.

  • International Railway Journal

    Trade House RIF orders 700 UWC grain wagons

    Trade House RIF already operates 500 UWC wagons in its fleet.

  • RailFreight

    UWC supplies 700 hopper trains for grain transport

    Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” will supply Trade House RIF, one of Russia's largest exporters of cereal crops, with 700 hopper cars for the transportation of grain and grain mill products. The delivery is expected to be completed by the end of Q3 2019.

  • Railway Gazette

    Specialisation drives growth at United Wagon Co

    ​United Wagon Co produced a total of 19 700 wagons in 2018, a 3% increase on the previous year. A similar volume is expected in 2019, with growth continuing to be driven by an increase in the production of specialised vehicles.

  • Global Railway Review

    TransContainer receives delivery of 60 flatcars on 25 tf bogies from UWC

    TransContainer received 30 model 13-6851-05 flatcars (40ft) and 30 model 13-6903 flatcars (80ft) under the contract. Both models have innovative bogies with an axle load of 25 tf and offer load capacity gains, catering for freight containers and tank containers of a gross weight of up to 36 tonnes.