• Railway PRO

    Laude Smart Intermodal orders 1,000 flat cars

    United Wagon Company and Laude Smart Intermodal signed a contract for the development and supply of a flat car fleet comprising 1,000 units.

  • Railvolution

    More OVK-built container wagons for Laude Smart Intermodal

    OVK (UWC) and Laude Smart Intermodal have signed a contract on the development and supply of 1,000 new Model 13-6724 container wagons for use on the Russia-Poland corridor.

  • Railvolution

    Akron the first company in Russia to use six-axle hoppers

    Gruppa Akron (Acron Group), a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and worldwide, becomes the first company in Russia to use innovative Model 19-6978-01 hoppers manufactured by OVK (UWC).

  • Railvolution

    Certification of OVK-built Сlass Sgmmns wagons for Laude Smart Intermodal

    OVK announced that its four-axle Class Sgmmns container wagons designed by OVK (UWC) for the transports of large-capacity containers on 1,435 mm gauge network and produced for Polish company Laude Smart Intermodal have successfully passed certification testing in Europe.

  • Railway Gazette

    RailSpetsTrans orders 300 wagons

    RailSpetsTrans and State Transport Leasing Co have placed an order for United Wagon Co to supply 300 vans by the end of the first half of 2021.

  • Railvolution

    New box wagons for RailSpetsTrans

    The wagons built at TikhvinSpetsMash will be on hire from GTLK (Gosudarstvennaya transportno-lizingovaya kompanie, the State transport leasing company), these becoming the very first OVK-built box wagons in the operator’s fleet. At present RST has around 4,600 box wagons on offer.

  • Railway Gazette

    Articulated light oil tank wagon certified

    United Wagon Co has obtained operating certification for its Type 15-629 six-axle articulated tank car for carrying light oil products.

  • Railvolution

    RS FZhT certification for OVK’s second articulated tank wagon model

    On 21 August 2020 OVK (UWC) announced that it has received RS FZhT certification for its Model 15-629 six-axle articulated tank wagon for the transportation of light oil products, running on the 25 t axle-load bogies. Its certification process started in June 2019. To date, this is the sixth certified six-axle model in the OVK portfolio for use on the 1,520 mm gauge network.

  • Centre for Rail

    United Wagon Company receives RC FRT certification for second articulated tank car model

    Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” has obtained RC FRT (Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport) certification for a six-axle articulated tank car running on 25 t axle load bogies for the transportation of light oil products.

  • Railway Gazette

    Covered van order signed

    Manufacturer United Wagon Co, leasing company TransFin-M and freight forwarding company FT Logistic have signed an agreement for the supply of 200 Type 11-6874 covered vans by the end of next year.