Gruppa Akron (Acron Group), a leading mineral fertiliser producer in Russia and worldwide, becomes the first company in Russia to use innovative Model 19-6978-01 hoppers manufactured by OVK (UWC). The 120 km/h six-axle wagons with the 25 t axle-load bogies have a payload of 113.5 t, over 50 % more than the hopers currently used by the Group. The bodyshells have a total volume is 160 m³ (ie. 80 m³ in each section) and are fitted with eight loading hatches.

Akron hired two of these new articulated hoppers for the supervised test operation from Logistics 1520, its long-term partner in mineral fertiliser transportation by rail.

In 2019, Akron transported 8 million tonnes of raw materials and finished products by rail, using its own fleet of 1,700 wagons and tanks and over 2,500 leased wagons.