Railway Gazette

United Wagon Co has obtained certification for its Type 19-9549-02 grain hopper wagon, which uses a high-strength aluminium alloy roof to reduce weight by more than 1 tonne compared to equivalent steel designs while also offering corrosion resistance.

This enables to the capacity of the 25 tonne axle load wagon to be increased to 77 tonnes or 120 m3, providing an efficient way of transporting lightweight food grade products including meal and pressed seed cake.

The aluminium roof is attached to the steel body using Arconic Russia’s BobTail clamping bolts, which are not weakened by high levels of vibration.

‘The improved technical and economic characteristics of the wagons make it possible to carry more cargo at a lower cost’, explained Kirill Kyakk, CEO of UWC’s All-Union Research & Development Centre for Transportation Technology. ‘This is achieved not only by optimising the design and improving individual systems, but also by the use of modern materials.’

‘We have created an economically effective alternative to the traditional hopper’, added Maxim Smirnov, President of Arconic Russia. ‘This underlines the strategy of our company, which is to promote the use of aluminium in new industrial segments and support the development of the Russian aluminium industry.’

UWC and Arconic Russia are also developing an aluminium tank wagon design.