Russian rolling stock manufacturer United Wagon Company (UWC) is developing a new series of wagons. The company has already certified two types of articulated open wagons and tank wagons for LPG transportation. Three other types of articulated wagons, including the flat wagons, are being tested or prepared for authorisation. Articulated wagons provide more opportunities and benefits for the rail freight operators, the company states.

"UWC is the first company in Russia to systemically introduce wagons with enhanced efficiency and load capacity. The wagons with 25-tonne axle load bogies have already become the standard for the rail sector. Now, we see the advantages and opportunities offered by the use of articulated wagons on those bogies. This type of rolling stock will offer additional economic benefits to all those involved in transportation", said Boris Myagkov, UWC's Deputy CEO for Commerce and Marketing at the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO//Motion.1520, taking place in the Russian city of Sochi.

Myagkov noted that the use of articulated wagons can increase cargo volumes up to 40 per cent while the standard length of trains remains. His company has already certified two series of the articulated open wagons: 12-6877 type with a load capacity of 117 tonnes and 12-6877-02 type with a load capacity of 114.5 tonnes. UWC also authorised the articulated tank wagons for LPG transportation, which have a double capacity compared to the standard tank wagons. Around 200 articulated tank wagons of this type are being used by Russian Railways.

UWC is also working on the certification of three other types of articulated wagons: a hopper wagon for carrying grain and mineral fertilisers, a tank wagon for light petroleum products and a flat wagon. The company has already concluded two contracts for supplying the articulated flat wagons to Deutsche Bahn (DB). In November 2018 the German railway company ordered 160 Sggrs80 articulated flat wagons from UWC.

The second deal between the parties was signed this August, promising the delivery of another 110 Sggrs80 articulated flat wagons. Both orders will be performed by Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, a subsidiary of UWC, inthe coming year. In mid-August, this plant produced the first batch of articulated flat wagons. They were shipped to Germany for trials and authorisation.