Railway PRO

United Wagon Company has won the tender on the supply of 112 tank cars to GazpromTrans valuated at RUB 952.48 million (USD 16.8 million). The delivery of the freight cars will begin thus February.

The tank cars for transport of molten sulphur are manufactured at TikhvinChemMash.

The design of the new UWC tank car take account of GazpromTrans’ requirements following joint operational tests at Gazprom production sites in Orenburg and Astrakhan, where performance during loading and passage across overpasses were tested. This has ensured that the new car is maximally adapted to the infrastructure of GazpromTrans and its main consignees.

The model 15-6913 tank car has a boiler made of corrosion-resistant steel and is superior to existing analogues by technical and economic criteria. Increased tank car volume (44 m3) and carrying capacity (72 tonnes) make it possible to transport an extra 9 tonnes of cargo. Longer operating periods between overhauls (800,000 km or 8 years) reduce the life-cycle cost of the new generation cars by more than 3 times providing major competitive advantages.