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ICT Group, which is preparing to launch production at the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, is going to make not only in selling cars, but also on their lease. The company has established a leasing "daughter" RAIL1520, which until 2015 promises to invest up to $ 2 billion in purchasing rolling stock. Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant became the first car-building company that has an affiliated leasing structure.

RAIL1520 will also provide services for leaseback (railway operators sell the leasing company cars and get them out). Tikhvin plant will be one of the suppliers of cars for RAIL1520. The plans of the leasing company in 2015 to form a car fleet to 20 thousand units, and to take more than 2% of the market operating leasing of freight wagons.

For the purchase of cars the company plans to spend $ 2 billion Vice-president of ICT Group of companies Nikolay Dobrinov notes that operating leases - a much needed service in the market of railway transport. "Creating RAIL1520 closed chain from production to final consumer, and customers get the fastest and most convenient access to our products at Tikhvin Works" - he said.

According to forecasts CEO RAIL1520 Roman Savushkin in the next ten years the market of leasing of cars will increase by several times. The effectiveness of a development model railway market is proved by many developed economies, including in the U.S. and Europe. Chief Executive Officer of companies INFOLine Fedyakov Ivan said that the establishment of leasing companies by freight car producers is qiute expected. "Deficit in 2012-2013 of the rolling stock market will decline, while engineering companies will provide a full range of services by rail carriers," - he said.

Lead Analyst, one of the largest leasing companies in Brunswick Rail Andrey Tsyganov, evaluates the market for leasing of cars to 450 billion rubles. "Compared with foreign countries, the potential of the Russian market is huge: for example, in the U.S. for more than 40% of the rolling stock is used under leasing schemes, and in Russia - less than 10%. The main advantage of leasing over buying the property - no need to raise significant funds ", - says Mr. Tsyganov. He believes that to compete with freight car producers, leasing companies will expand its range of services - for example, through the development of service.