Railway Gazette

United Wagon Co’s TikhvinChemMash has delivered 20 chemical tank wagons to Metafrax, and is to establish a servicing centre at the chemical company’s production site.

Designed to be suitable for a wide range of chemicals, the Type 15-6900-01 wagons which Metafrax plans to use for transporting formalin have tanks made from corrosion-proof steel with a sloping design to ensure maximum drainage. Their high axleload bogies permit a payload of 76·5 tonnes, and their expected service life is 32 years.

‘Metafrax has considerable experience of dealing with UWC’s innovative wagons’, said Igor Chukreev, head of the chemical company’s transport department. The 20 formalin tank cars follow on from 134 methanol tank wagons which were delivered in 2016, and Metafrax plans to acquire 900 tank wagons to update its fleet by 2019.