Railway Gazette

GATX Rail Vostok has taken delivery of 26 molasses wagons of a new design developed by United Wagon Co.

UWC said the Type 15-6900-04 developed by its All-Union Research & Development Centre for Transportation Technology and manufactured at its TikhvinChemMash site was the only 1 520 mm gauge wagon of its type to offer a stainless steel tank and 25 tonne axleload bogies.

The tank is designed with a bent axis to facilitate unloading, and there is an external steam jacket. The interior has undergone mechanical and chemical treatments to meet the strict requirements of the food sector, including a process which creates a protective microfilm.

The wagons have a capacity of 56 m3 or 74.4 tonnes, 7 to 10 tonnes higher than older designs, and also offer increased maintenance intervals.

UWC said the production of molasses in Russia has grown by more than 40% in the past five years to 571 000 tonnes, but most goes by road with the volume transported by rail having grown by just 25% to 175 000 tonnes. It said existing wagons were ageing and unfit for purpose, with many having conventional steel tanks and 60% of the wagons suitable for transporting molasses currently being used to transport liquid fertiliser.