On 31 August 2020 OVK announced that it will deliver 300 new generation Model 11-6874 box wagons to RailSpetsTrans (RST) of Moskva. The batch will be added to the fleet of the operator, which is active in the box wagon transportation, by the end of the first quarter 2021. The wagons built at TikhvinSpetsMash will be on hire from GTLK (Gosudarstvennaya transportno-lizingovaya kompanie, the State transport leasing company), these becoming the very first OVK-built box wagons in the operator’s fleet. At present RST has around 4,600 box wagons on offer.

The 120 km/h Model 11-6874 wagons are equipped with 25 t axle-load Model 18-9855 bogies and have an increased payload of 73 t. The tare weight is 26,5 ± 0,5 t, the lenght over couplings is 19,200 mm and the width is 3,240 mm. The increased body volume of 175 m3 makes it possible to transport a wide range of freights, while the door size makes it possible to carry out loading and unloading operations with all existing models of forklift trucks. The riffled floor facilitates loading operations, while the lashing rings make it easier to secure the freight inside the wagon.