On 30 April 2020, OVK (UWC) announced that it has delivered a batch of Model 15-9545 tank wagons for transporting technical grade sulphuric acid to Transportny Logisticheskie Sistemy (TLS, Transport Logistics Systems) of Novosibirsk. The number of wagons has not been specified.

This is the first supply agreement between both companies. The 120 km/h wagons are 12,020 mm long over couplings, 2,950 mm wide and 4,027 mm high above rail top. They have a net weight of 22,700 kg. They are mounted on the 25 t axle-load Model 18-9855 bogies, have a 77 t payload and a 44 m3 tank, allowing to accommodate almost 12% more freight compared with standard models. Their service life is 18 years and the maintenance interval up to 1 million km, or eight years.

The Model 15-9545 wagon has an all-metal welded tank, and is equipped with a maintenance hatch with a sealed hinged cover. The upper part of the tank is fitted with a pressure/vacuum relief valve to prevent pressure build-ups inside the tank and eliminate vacuum conditions. The valve is protected by a shock-resistant device. The sealing surfaces and design of the discharge pipe, hatch covers, and pressure/vacuum relief valve ensure that the tank is fully sealed and prevent leakages of transported freight. The wagons were built at TikhvinKhimMash of Tikhvin.

Today, Russia's fleet of tank wagons used to transport technical grade sulphuric acid is estimated at around 3,300, their average age being nine years. Up to 1,000 wagins are expected to be decommissioned by 2025, representing 30 % of the existing fleet.

TLS specialises in the provision of logistics outsourcing services for transportation departments of industrial enterprises, freight forwarding services for loading/unloading, freight transportation, and the provision of rolling stock. TLS has its own railway infrastructure, including a loading complex in the city of Biysk, Altai Territory, warehouse facilities, railway sidings, a diesel shunter with right of access on the RZD network, and its own fleet, including specialised tank wagons and tank containers for the transportation of chemical freight.