On 25 March 2021, OVK (UWC) and VIK, a wholesale raw wood and timber merchant, announced a contract for the supply of 40 Model 13-6852-02 flat wagons for transporting timber materials. Their delivery is planned for the second quarter of this year, expanding the company’s fleet of OVK-built wagons to 80 (the first 40 wagons were ordered in 2017).

The Model 13-6852-02 wagon is the most demanded type of timber flat wagons in OVK’s product line. The 40-foot wagon features increased payload (74 t) and increased loading volume (122 m3), which allows up to 10 m3 more freight to be carried. Openings in the end wall simplify freight inspection at customs control posts.

The 120 km/h wagon is mounted on the Model 18-9855 bogies, which significantly reduces the maintenance costs: the wagon has a maintenance interval of up to 1 million km or 8 years. The service life of the wagon is 40 years.