On 8 July 2020 OVK (UWC) announced that it has sent 18 stainless steel tank wagons to EvroKhim (EuroChem), one of the leading global producers of mineral fertilizers. The Model 15-6900-01 wagons mounted on the 25 t axle load bogies will be used in the fleet of Novomoskovski khlor (part of the EvroKhim Group) at Novomoskovsk, south of Moskva.

They have a maximum speed of 120 km/h, a tank volume of 54.5 m3, a net weight of 22.7 t and a maximum payload of 76.5 t. Due to the corrosion-resistant tank, the wagons can be used for a wide range of chemical freights while preventing risk to service personnel and eliminating any environmental impact of transporting hazardous freights. The service life of these TikhvinKhimMash-built wagons is 32 years.