Industrial chemicals producer Shchekinoazot has signed a contract for 132 new generation tank cars for methanol from United Wagon Company (UWC).

The entire batch will be shipped by Q3 this year and will be operated in the fleet of Transport Directorate SPA Azot.

The Model 15-6880 tank car is equipped with 25t axle load bogies and has a load capacity of 73 t and tank volume of 88 cubic metres. Owing to this design, the tank car can load almost 2t more cargo than its common-type 23.5t counterparts.

Each car has a maintenance interval of either one million kilometres (or eight years) and a service life 32 years.

Since 2013, UWC has delivered nearly 600 freight cars to Shchekinoazot, including tank cars for methanol and other liquid chemical cargoes and hopper cars for mineral fertilisers.