Swedish company SKF will supply compact tapered bearings to CJSC Tikhvin Car Building Plant (TVSZ), which is part of United Wagon Company, Rail 1520, another of the group's assets, said in a press release.

LLC SKF Tver, which is part of SKF in Russia will deliver over 40,000 compact tapered bearing units for cargo cars with an axle load of 25 tonnes to TVSZ. SKF will also provide technical support and service maintenance during the guarantee period, the release said.

The bearings comply with the operation and climatic conditions of Russian railway track. With them, TVSZ plans to increase the reliability of its products and its efficiency. The economic impact of using SKF compact bearings will be achieved by increasing the time between repairs (800,000 kilometers or 8 years), a lack of operation expenses and a reduction in the number of detachments.

«This is a strategically important order for SKF Tver. It will enable our company to further establish cooperation with major rail car manufacturers in Russia», SKF Railway & Off Highway Director Rudger Barrdahl was cited as saying.