Russia’s Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ) has received approval for its Barber bogie railcars to be used on the interstate railway systems of CIS and Baltic countries.

At the 55th meeting of the Council for Railway Transport’s Committee of specialists in railcar affairs from railway administration boards of CIS and Baltic counties held in the town of Tikhvin, the TVSZ was given the green light for the operation of cars on Barber bogies with an axle load of 23.5 tf to operate on the interstate transport system.

In addition, the majority of railway administration boards favoured the operation of Barber bogie with an enhanced axle load of 25 tf to be expanded on the territory of CIS countries. This will enable TVSZ products to be around within the entire 1520 gauge network.

In order to establish long-term cooperation with railway administration boards of CIS countries, the TVSZ has entered into agreements for the creation of service centres to recondition and maintain TVSZ railcars at car-repair facilities of CIS countries.

Over 100 specialists from 15 countries, representatives of Russia’s Ministry of Transport, the Federal Agency for Railway Transport, Railway Transport Research Institute, as well as other branch organisations and machine-building companies participated in the work of the committee designed to deal with railcar affairs of CIS counties, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.