Railway PRO

United Wagon Company (UWC) has signed an agreement of intent with timber rail transport operator Transles, a member of the RTC Group, for the acquisition of 200 flat cars (60-foot). The rail platforms of the 13-6895 model are produced at TikhvinSpetsMash, a car building enterprise, part of UniWagon. The railcars will be shipped by the end of 2019.

The rail platform of the model 13-6895 significantly differs from its peers on the market, having an increased carrying capacity and an increased loading volume: up to 72.5 tons and 155 m3, which makes it possible to load up to extra 30 cubic meters of timber onto the rail car. Transportation on UWC’s platform cars with a loading length of 18.85 meters allows costs to be reduced in comparison with the railcars that have a 13-meter loading length.

The platform’s bogey has an increased axle load of 25 tonnes, thanks to which the run before the first depot repair is 800,000 km (or 8 years) compared with 210,000 km (or 3 years) for the standard type. The car is designed for a service life of 40 years.