Within the framework of the V International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies Expo 1520 Russian Research and Production Corporation "United Wagon Company" (UWC) and a global supplier of high-tech products for the rail industry Wabtec Corporation (USA) signed a supply agreement for export of freight car castings. The duration of the agreement is 10 years. 

Under this agreement, beginning from 2016, UWC will supply to the US market car sets (side frame and bolster castings) for manufacturing of Barber S2HD bogie. Wabtec Corp will give the design documentation and manufacturing license to the Russian party. Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (part of UWC holding) will start manufacturing bogie cast components. 

The industrial cooperation with the Russian partner will help Wabtec Corp to diversify freight car castings suppliers. While UWC will be able to give a full load to available capacities of the Tikhvin enterprise foundry as well as to increase its sale channels and to confirm the competitive strength of its production in the world market. The aim of the agreement is also to extend cooperation as part of the joint venture for manufacturing high-tech components for rolling stock (including heavy-train traffic), the facilities of which are located in Tikhvin industrial site (Leningrad region). 

UWC's freight car casting will comply with the standards of the International Association of American Railroads (AAR). To that end, car castings specimens will be sent to USA for a full range of statistic and dynamic testing, and AAR will provide an audit of the production site in Tikhvin.