Global Railway Review

The United Wagon Company (UWC), the largest producer of freight cars in Russia, has announced that it has signed a contract with Togliattiazot (TOAZ), one of Russia’s largest producers of chemicals, for the supply of 200 Tikhvin-produced hopper cars. The new generation cars, which will be used for the transportation of mineral fertilisers, are expected to be shipped to TOAZ by the end of May 2020.

The order represents TOAZ’s first order of the new generation hopper cars, with the contract outlining the supply of the 19-9549-03 hopper car model, which has optimal specifications for carrying a wide range of mineral fertilisers. The car has a maintenance interval of eight years (or up to one million kilometres).

CEO of Togliattiazot, Dmitry Mezheedov, said: “TOAZ has always placed a great degree of importance on the uninterrupted and timely delivery of products to our clients, both in Russia and representing dozens of countries across five continents. A well-developed infrastructure and highly efficient fleet for freight transportation are, therefore, just as important for us as cutting-edge production capacities. We are confident that the purchase of cars with improved operational performance from UWC will enhance the logistical capabilities of Togliattiazot.”

The hopper car’s increased body volume of 120 m3 allows for the efficient transportation of goods with various bulk densities, including those with a low bulk density, such as carbamide. The increased 25 tonne axle load of the model 18-9855 bogie means that the car can be loaded to its full capacity of 76 tonnes. The body design includes a unique dual-component coating, which offers reliable protection for the car from the corrosive effects of transported freight. The hatches are mounted onto adapters, which facilitates their replacement, when necessary.