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PJSC United Wagon Company Research and Production Corporation, which is the largest producer of freight cars in Russia, has sent 18 stainless steel tank cars to JSC MCC EuroChem, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mineral fertilisers.

The rolling stock of model 15-6900-01 on a trolley of 25 tf will be used in the park of Novomoskovsky chlorine LLC (part of the EuroChem group).

The model 15-6900-01 tank is equipped with a stainless-steel boiler. The detachable joints of the manhole covers have sealing elements made of fluoroplastic – a modern material that is resistant to friction and aggressive environments. Thanks to the corrosion-resistant boiler, the carriage can transport a wide range of chemical goods, is safe for service personnel and eliminates the environmental impact of dangerous goods.

The increased axial load of the undercarriage 25 tf and the boiler volume 54.5 m3, provide an increased wagon loading capacity of 76.5 t. Compared to standard analogues on the market, up to 8.5 t of cargo can be additionally loaded into the Tikhvin tank.

Tank car model 15-6900-01 is characterised by overhaul runs increased to 1 million km (or eight years). A typical analogue is sent to the first depot repair on a run of 210 thousand km (or two years after construction) and to subsequent depot repairs after 110-160 thousand km (or after two years). The service life of the Tikhvin model 15-6900-01 is 32 years.

Ivan Ruban, Director of Novomoskovsky Chlorine, said: “Our company traces its history back to 1936, when the bleach plant, which was then the only one in the country, began operating. Since 2007, Novomoskovsky Chlorine has been an independent unit within the EuroChem group. And, adhering to the uniform high standards of work in the group, we aim to use only safe and efficient transport for the transportation of goods. Following other companies belonging to the EuroChem group, we decided to purchase 18 wagons of OVK production for the transportation of caustic soda, since they show good results both at the enterprises of our group and on the market.”