Two types of flat wagons manufactured by the Russia-based corporation UWC have been certified for operations in the European countries. Such a decision was issued by the European Union Agency for Railways after series of tests performed by the Czech Railway Research Institute (VUZ).

It has been almost two years since the EU Agency for Railways (ERA) became responsible for vehicle authorisation, safety certification and ERTMS trackside approval. Since that time the institution issued numerous approvals for the rolling stock manufactured by European companies. Now ERA has certified the flat wagons built by the United Wagon Company (UWC), the Russian manufacturer focused on designing and manufacturing various types of freight wagons.

The European regulator authorised two types of UWC’s flat wagons, Sggrs(s) 80′ six-axle and Sgmmns 40′ four-axle units, after series of certification tests to examine more than 100 key parameters. The trials were carried out by the Czech Railway Research Institute (VUZ), an authorised certification body accredited by ERA. UWC obtained the authorisation from the European body to fulfil the order portfolio for the European customers, which includes more than 1,000 flat wagons, mainly for Poland’s rail freight operator Laude Smart Intermodal.

Technical specification

UWC manufactures the two mentioned type of flat wagons at Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, the corporation’s production site in 200 kilometres eastward from Saint Petersburg. The Sggrs(s) 80′ units are the articulated wagons with six axles. Such a feature provides this type with a load capacity of 108 tonnes and allows transporting of containers with various dimensions and a gross weight of up to 40 tonnes.

Meanwhile, the Sgmmns 40’ flat wagons have improved technical specifications compared to similar units that are currently available in the European market, such as a smaller tare weight of 15.5 tonnes (compared with tare weights of 16 tonnes and higher for its common counterparts). This kind of flat wagons has a load capacity of 74.5 tonnes and a length of 40 feet (more than 12 metres). Both types of UWC’s flat wagons are equipped with bogies with an axle load of 22.5 tonnes to meet the requirements for running on the European railway network with a 1,435-millimetre track gauge.