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Russia's Federal Railway Certification Register granted United Wagon Company a certificate for its new model of tank car for transporting chemicals, mounted on 25- tonne axle load bogie. The first production for these freight rail cars has been completed and will be used by the transport and logistics company RN-Trans JSC, a subsidiary of NK Rosneft. It is specially designed for the transport of chemicals with a density of up to 1,036 t/m3.

"While working on the manufacture our focus was on creating a customized product, wherever possible adapting the design specifically to meet the customer's requirements. This allowed us to create a reliable and effective product that represents a better competitive choice for customers," Ivan Mikhalevich, Sales Director at UWC said.

The tank car has a load capacity of 73 tonnes and a volume of 88 m3, 15 m3 (or 7 tonnes) more than other similar freight rail cars on the market, which are mounted on 23.5 tonnes bogies. Maximum efficiency and economy are achieved when the tank car is used to transport technical spirits, liquid hydrocarbons and other liquid chemicals.

The tank is hermetically sealed and has a bent-axis design to ensure maximum drainage. The upper part of the tank is fitted with a discharge valve that prevents excess pressure and vacuum formation.

The drainage and filling connection and loading hatch are protected with an outer cover, which means that a single-element seal can be applied. The tank has additional raised platforms, making the freight car more convenient to service.

The new tank car has extended intervals between scheduled servicing, which gives a notable competitive advantage over those mounted on type 18-100 and other similar bogies.

UWC hopes that more companies will be interested in this new model of tank car and intends to diversify its product ranges to better adapt to the requirements of the clients.