UWC announced a deal with the rail operator Western Petroleum Transportation for the delivery of up to 3,000 tank cars for crude oil and refined products. The start of supplies of 15-9993 series vehicles with an axle load of 25 tf, carrying capacity of 73.3 t, and cubic capacity of 88 m3 is scheduled since 2024. This March United Wagon Company informed about another contract with the same operator for the delivery of 700 LNG tank cars of 15-6855 series.

Also, UWC signed agreements for the supply of 19-9549 series grain-hopper wagons. The grain operator Mosregiontrans ordered 700 vehicles by the end of 2024, and the food company Aston 300 ones. The hopper wagons will have an axle load of 25 tf, carrying capacity of 76 t, and cubic capacity of 120 m3. In 2024, another customer, the operator Logistics 1520, expects 300 mineral hopper wagons of 19-9835-01 series (25 tf, 76.7 t, 101 m3).

Additionally, UWC reports having signed an export license contract with Mogilev Carriage Works (MVZ), Belarus, allowing the latter to master the production of 18-9855 bogies. For 10 years, UWC will supply bogie kits and provide technical and consultancy assistance. MVZ will certify and assemble bogies and is expected to launch the manufacture of freight cars with an axle load of 25 tf since 2024. UWC states to have two service centres in Belarus.

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