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RS-Trans has ordered 25 UWC sulphuric acid tank cars manufactured by TikhvinChemMash.

The bogies, with a 25-tonne axle load will ensure a 10% increased load capacity to 77 tonnes and enhanced operational reliability in comparison with the standard rolling stock.

An increased run time between repairs is a significant competitive advantage of the freight car, (model 15-9545), which allows cutting down the cost of the freight car life cycle by almost 3 times. This model has a service life of 18 years.

The tank car has increased maintenance intervals of up to 1 million km or 8 years, whereas a standard freight car needs its first scheduled maintenance after running 210,000 km which would be covered within 2 years.

This tank car model has an increased model by 15% reaching 44 m3 compared to the previous models with a 23.5-tonne axle load.

“The acquisition of UWC tank cars on 25-t axle load bogies to transport sulfuric acid enables us to upgrade our client service and we plan to further ramp up our fleet with new generation railcars, because they demonstrate excellent performance,” Aleksey Serov, CEO of RS-Trans, said.

The UWC sulphuric acid tank cars are designed to prevent leakages and excessive pressure inside the tank. The tank car features the boiler with a “broken” axis ensuring maximum draining of the tank. It is designed by All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transport Technology.

Last year, RS-Trans has ordered a batch of boxcars from UWC, which have a 73-tonne of the payload capacity with an increase of 3.7 tonnes compared to standard boxcars. The boxcars have a bodyspace of 175 m3.

RS-Trans, a freight forwarding company, is providing railway transport services since 2007 and it has developed this business sector which is integrated with the cargo forwarding and terminal handling services.