Russian rolling stock leaser Sberbank Leasing has signed a deal for 100 hopper cars from the United Wagon Company (UWC).

Sberbank director of railway and realty Margarita Krivichkova said that there is ‘a renaissance in rail freight’ and looked forward to developing its relationship with UWC.

She added: “Today we are witnessing a renaissance in the rail-freight market, first of all thanks to commodity export freights, and increased rates for gondolas thanks to rolling stock deficit reduction.“

“New generation railcar production is on the rise. And it is clear that the United Wagon Company, particularly its Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant is a market leader in terms of its high volume and level of production and its impressive price-quality ratio.”

The ‘new generation’ of hopper cars have a full load capacity of 76.5 tonnes and will be used to carry grain and milling products.

UWC said that the cars outstrip rivals for durability, working 800,000km compared with 350,000 km for equivalent wagons.