Articulated freight cars as an effective means of improving network performance

Boris Myagkov, Deputy CEO for Commerce and Marketing at Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (UWC, the Holding or the Company) (MOEX: UWGN), gave a presentation on the theme “Innovative Railcar 2.0” at the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO//Motion.1520, held in Sochi.

The UWC top manager emphasized in his presentation that the strategy for development of Russia’s mineral resource sector up to 2025 calls for a major increase in raw material production, entailing an increase in transport volumes, particularly deliveries of coal in easterly direction. Successful implementation of state projects will depend on modernization of existing infrastructure and the use of transport solutions that can increase throughput capacity of the railway network.

The UWC Deputy CEO believes that articulated railcars offer the best solution to the new challenges. Use of articulated cars can increase load per unit of length and cargo volume by up to 40% for standard-length trains. The weight of a train made up from articulated gondola cars will be almost 9,000 tons instead of the standard 6,300 tons.

UWC Holding has already certified two articulated gondola car models: the 12-6877 (117 ton load capacity) and 12-6877-02 (114.5 ton load capacity). Articulated tank cars for LPG transportation have also passed certification and about 200 such cars are already at work on the rail network. The tank car can carry loads with 163.1 m3 volume and 90 tons weight. The effect is to double cargo carriage in comparison with standard cars, reducing required fleet size.

Mr. Myagkov said that several other articulated cars are being prepared for certification: a hopper car for transport of grain and mineral fertilizers, a tank car for light petroleum products, and a technology for transporting goods in swap bodies on articulated platforms.

“UWC is the first company in Russia to systemic offer railcars with enhanced efficiency and payload capacity for use on the rail network. Railcars on 25 t axle load bogies have already become the industry standard and we are now seeing the advantages and opportunities offered by the use of articulated railcars on those bogies. This type of rolling stock will offer additional economic benefits to all those involved in the transportation. Every extra ton of cargo represents export revenue to the state budget and additional income for Russian Railways,” Mr. Myagkov, Deputy CEO for Commerce and Marketing at UWC, said.