Bezhitsa Steel Foundry received the license and an order to produce castings for barber freight car bogies

Pursuant to the contract, the Bezhitsa Steel Foundry is to receive the complete design documentation package to produce railway bogie castings – solebars and bolsters, and to manufacture casting sets.

Under arrangement, Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant CJSC, a part of UWC, is going to place a large order as early as in 2013 for delivery of car castings to produce Barber bogies. It is expected that Transmashholding car production facilities such as OAO Bryansk Engineering Plant and OAO Transmash are to become the largest consumers of castings produced by BSZ under the License Agreement.

The Tikhvin plant owns the certificate of the Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport (RC FRT) for Barber bogies in two versions – with axial loads of 23.5 and 25 tf.

The Type 12-9853 gondola cars manufactured by Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant on 25 t Barber bogies passed the first scheduled inspection after 65 000 km supervised operation run in OAO SUEK in October 2012. Inspection findings validated the high quality of car production as well as calculated operating life of Barber bogie – the wear analysis revealed that permitted values are to be reached after the run of not less than 500 thous. km.

Chief Executive Officer of United Wagon Company LLC, Mr. Roman Savushkin: “The agreement with the entity incorporated in the largest transport engineering company in Russia, Transmashholding, will secure the growing demand for the next-generation cars as early as in the near future and will make the Barber bogie become the leading Russian standard.”

“As for Bezhitsa Steel Foundry, signing the license agreement for production of Barber bogie elements means the opportunity to expand the product model range we offer to the market”, - BSZ General Director, Mr. Valery Voronin declared. – “The plant as with the Holding at large, is on the lookout for technological developments in the engineering branch and seeks to introduce the most advanced technical solutions promptly into production.”