Changes take place in RPC UWC structure of shareholders

Notice is hereby given that Public Joint Stock Company Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (RPC UWC) has taken changes in its shareholders’ structure.

The share of ICT Holding Ltd., the main shareholder of RPC UWC (holds RPC UWC shares via United Wagon Plc) decreased up to 74.71%. RONIN Trust share totaled 13.1%. The share changes resulted from stock-exchange deals at the Moscow Exchange.

VTB Capital acted as ICT Holding’s financial advisor.

Konstantin Yanakov, Director at ICT Holding Ltd. and Vice President at ICT Group: "We came to the decision to invite equity capital for fund raising of Group’s promising investment projects - rare earth metals mining & processing and nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing. At that, ICT Group remains UWC chief shareholder and continues considering freight rail transportation and rolling stock manufacturing as a strategic area of its investment activities”.

Roman Savushkin, CEO at RPC UWC: "We are pleased to note the trend of diversifying our shareholders’ structure. At that, ICT Group remains UWC largest shareholder and strategic investor”.