Chemical company Shchekinoazot to replenish its fleet with 101 tank cars produced by TikhvinChemMash

Chemical Company Shchekinoazot and Research and Rroduction Corporation “United Wagon Company” (UWC or the Holding) (MOEX: UWGN) are furthering their partnership. According to a series of new agreements, UWC will supply 101 tank cars to the industrial chemicals producer for the transportation of liquid bulk chemical freight. The rolling stock will be delivered to Shchekinoazot by the end of Q1 2019.

Tank cars designed to transport methanol (66 model 15-6880 cars) and ammonia (35 model 15-6926 cars) will be put into operation as part of transport directorate SPA Azot's fleet. The company has previously obtained rolling stock from UWC: 80 hopper cars for transportation of mineral fertilisers under operating lease contracts, and 295 tank cars for the transportation of chemical freight under purchase contracts. The UWC-produced fleet has shown high levels of efficiency in operation, with reduced transport expenditures per tonne of freight and lower operational costs for maintenance thanks to the increased payload capacity of the cars, in turn making it possible to allocate funds to replenish the fleet. With the addition of the new contracts, the total number of Tikhvin-produced cars in the Shchekinoazot fleet will reach 396.

The rolling stock produced by UWC outperforms typical market competitors both in terms of technical specifications and value for money, thanks to its reliable bogie with an axle load of 25 tf, increased payload capacity of the car (73 t for the 15-6880 model and 60.2 t for the 15-6926 model) and increased tank volume (88 m3 and 92.7 m3 respectively). The overhaul mileage has been increased up to 1,000,000 kilometres (or 8 years), significantly reducing the life-cycle expenditure of the car.

Both models were developed by the All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology and produced by TikhvinChemMash (an UWC’s companies).

Eugenia Khomyakova, Director General at transport directorate SPA Azot, commented on the deals: “For several years now the company has made robust efforts to renew its fleet of rolling stock, and the fleet of 295 tank cars previously acquired from UWC has been in active operation on the Russian Railways network and in the territories of neighbouring countries. Due to the significant growth in volume of goods produced and transported as rail freights, the company is seeking to acquire new generation rolling stock in order to provide high levels of efficiency and maximum reliability. Our experience of working with UWC has shown that the supplier cares about the quality of its products, can meet its manufacturing deadlines, and is able to find the most convenient solution possible for each of its clients. We care about producing high-quality chemical products and ensuring that they are delivered safely to customers, and so choosing the right supplier for our rolling stock is hugely important to us.”