GATX Rail Vostok purchases TikhvinChemMash tank cars

The TikhvinChemMash freight car-building plant (part of the railway corporation United Wagon Company) has supplied 20 tank cars for the transportation of caustic soda and other chemical cargoes to GATX Rail Vostok (a subsidiary of GATX Corporation, a leading global railcar lessor).

The 15-6900 model car has a bogie with an increased axle load and the tank volume of 54.5 m3, which provides for the loading of an additional 5 tons of cargo, making it possible to reduce the required fleet of cars.

The thermal characteristics of the tank, which is equipped with a system of thermal insulation, allow the cargo to remain in a liquid state at negative ambient temperatures for up to 10 days, which reduces the time spent on draining and provides energy savings on heating.

Another competitive advantage of the 15-6900 model car is its extended overhaul period, which reduces the life cycle costs. The service life of the tank is 32 years.

A GATX representative noted: "One of their most attractive features is the large overhaul period, which will provide savings on maintenance throughout the life of the car. Purchasing additional fleet with an increasing axle load cars is in line with our local strategy."