High-speed electric trains Lastochka will be equipped with springs manufactured by NPC “Springs”

NPC “Springs” (a part of railway holding RPC “United Wagon Company”) and “Ural Locomotives” (a joint venture between Sinara Group and Siemens AG) have signed the agreement for the supply of springs of the spring suspension to complete the running gear of high-speed express electric trains of new generation “Lastochka” ES2G. The cooperation between the companies is implemented within the localization of high-speed trains’ production in Russia.

Under the terms and conditions of the agreement, the Izhevsk enterprise will be supplying the products, developed under the technical assignment of “Ural Locomotives” in the course of the current year. NPC “Springs” possesses the certificate of the Federal Budgetary Organization “Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport” which confirms the compliance of this product of the enterprise with the requirements of Regulation “On Safety of Railway Rolling Stock” 001/2011.

Railway springs manufactured by NPC “Springs” are characterized by increase durability, reliability and geometrical accuracy. Springs have no compression while in operation, they operate by 10 times longer than standard counterparts existing on the market, providing up to 10 mln cycles without destruction at increased by 30-40% permitted operational stresses. Such characteristics are provided due to the springs manufacturing technology, which core is the method of hot tempering of coil-to-coil quenching, simultaneous mechanical and heat treatment and obtaining of nanosized substructures in metal.

The product range of NPC “Springs” includes more than 200 types of heavy-duty springs for freight cars and locomotives, automobiles, agricultural and specialized machinery, electrical power engineering and etc.