ICT Group and OJSC “VNIIZhT”: cooperation on development and introduction of heavy–duty trains

During the VIII International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” ICT Group of companies and OJSC “Railway Research Institute” (VNIIZhT) have executed the Cooperation Agreement in the field of innovative rolling stock and heavy traffic technologies development and introduction on the Russian railways.

The Agreement was signed as of May 30, 2013 by Alexander Nesis, the President and CEO, ICT Group of companies including the “United Wagon Company” (UWC) holding, and by Boris Lapidus, the CEO of OJSC “VNIIZhT” which is the principal organization of OJSC “RZD” in such fields as equipment and technologies foundation, testing and implementation; corporate economy research and scientific research integration into the railway transportation.

Under the Agreement “VNIIZhT” undertakes an obligation on rolling stock, transportation products and heavy-duty trains technologies development that will allow significantly increase traffic-carrying capacity of the main cargo-generating lines specified by the Strategy of Russian Federation railway transportation development till 2030, as well as to decrease the infrastructure owner maintenance and transportation process costs.

The Agreement provides development of about 10 fundamentally new railcars with high liner load before 2015. Ultra-strength steel, aluminium-alloy casting and composite materials, new high-capacity and brake system components will be integrated in car designs, as well as Barber bogies with the load of 25 ton/axle and new bogies with the load of 27 ton/axle and 32 ton/axle that are planned to be developed. As part of the agreement feasibility studies will be carried out, as well as development and implementation of the most effective transport products based on these cars, which as a whole will provide its fast introduction into the main cargo-generating railway directions and increase traffic-carrying capacity of these directions up to 50%.