ICT Group of companies established RAIL1520, which will provide services to operational leasing rail freight rolling stock. The company plans to build by 2015 rolling stock up to 20 thousand units, and to take more than 2% of the total fleet of freight wagons in Russia.

The company focuses on RAIL1520 work with major companies, freight traffic in the transport, chemical, metallurgical, coal and timber industries.

With the tools of operational leasing company customers will receive long-term access to rolling stock, without diverting resources from core activities, while the fixed lease rates will predict the transport component in the cost of production for a considerable time horizon. In addition, the company will carry out the transaction RAIL1520 leaseback, which will allow customers to accumulate surplus funds and eliminates the need to maintain non-core businesses.

Purchase of cars RAIL1520 will perform on the open market. One of the suppliers of the leasing company will be the company "Tikhvin Carriage Works", to be launched in stages during 2011.

At the initial stage, the company will develop at the expense of the Group's investment companies "ICT." Total investment in the project in the long run could be more than $ 2 billion, much of which will be involved with a loan from bank funds.

Vice-President Group of Companies "ICT", commented Nikolai Dobrinov create leasing company: "We are creating a leasing company, because we believe operating leases are very popular service on the market of railway transport. Creation RAIL1520 closed chain from production to final consumer, and customers get the fastest and most convenient access to our products in Tikhvin Car Building Plant."

Director-General of the leasing company RAIL1520 Roman Savushkin said: "Operating leases - a relatively new financial product and high demand in the domestic rail market. In the next ten years, the share of this product will increase by several times. The effectiveness of a development model railway market is proved by many developed economies, including in the U.S. and Europe. We believe in the success of the project because the company has RAIL1520 a number of competitive advantages: professional team instant access to rolling stock and financial support to the Group."