IRIS standart compliance audit was carried out at Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant

At Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant the compliance audit was successfully carried out by DQS-Ul Group (Germany), a leading certification body. According to audit results the IRIS Audit Tool’s estimate (the enterprise automatic ranking score) was 61%, and TVSZ foundry production was included in IRIS certification scope.

Within the first inspection after receiving of IRIS certificate in March, 2013 the IRIS auditors have investigated the management system of the enterprise’s business process such as quality and recourses management, product lifecycle management, including project management, production control and engineering.  

Mikhail Zalunaev, CEO at DQS Russian branch, Audit Group Leader, stated: “Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant again confirmed that current business management system meets IRIS standard. We noted the high level of technologies and capacity of the foundry system.  Unique vacuum-film forming technology allows achieving the minimum level of castings defects that is very important today due to frequent derailments caused by defective castings. I’ve visited Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant for the fourth time and I noted the enterprise takes a big step forward every year.”

In 2014 Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant is aimed to include new production units into the business management system and continue the system development, including a number of areas were recommended by the audits to draw a special attention. 

International railway standard IRIS was developed at the initiative of the Association of the European Rail Industry (UNIFE) based on ISO 9000. The standard defines basic requirements for the railway manufacturers and component suppliers for railway enterprises. Implementation of IRIS standard allows increasing operation costs throughout the life cycle of products and increasing competitiveness of manufacturers.  At the moment more than 30 domestic enterprises are certified in accordance with IRIS standard.