Ivanomorsk TPK gets tank cars from Tikhvin

Ivanomorsk TPK received the second batch of new generation tank cars manufactured by TikhvinChemMash (part of the UWC railway group). The cars are designed to transport molten sulfur. TikhvinChemMash shipped tank cars for technical-grade sulfuric acid to Ivanomorsk TPK a year earlier.

Tikhvin-produced tank cars are used by Norilsk Nickel, MMC to carry cargoes.

The 15-6913 tank car used to transport molten sulfur is one of the most technologically sophisticated and advanced models in the product portfolio of UWC railway group. Unlike similar standard models common in the market, UWC’s tank car allows an additional load of up to 9 tonnes due to its enhanced performance characteristics: a higher axle load of 25 t, an increased carrying capacity of 72 tonnes and a cubic capacity of 44 m3.

The tank shell is made of corrosion-resistant metal and has thermal insulation with double casing also made of stainless steel. Thermal insulation enables to keep the cargo temperature intact long enough even in winter. An air gap created outside the tank shell ensures uniform heating of the cargo with hot air generated by tubular heating elements (THEs). The 90-kWt electric heating system and the position of the THE-sections ensure energy savings and faster unloading.

The 15-6913 tank car is equipped with 18-9855 bogies sustaining a 25-t axle load and boasts extended maintenance intervals of up to 1 million km (or 8 years). The tank car’s lifespan reaches 32 years.

According to UWC (as of Q1 2020), the share of 15-6913 cars in the Russian tank car fleet on a 25-t axle load bogie for carrying molten sulfur came to about 60%, which is clear evidence of high demand for the Tikhvin-produced new generation rolling stock in the given segment.

Andrey Kalinin, Deputy CEO at Ivanomorsk TPK: “The interests of our clients are very important for us, so we do our best to offer most attractive and effective solutions to them. Today Tikhvin-produced cars seem to be among the best options in terms of performance. It is this factor that is decisive in our choice of a freight car supplier. UWC’s responsible approach to keeping contractual commitments also plays an important role. I would like to mention in particular that the car supply deadline remains unchanged notwithstanding the pandemic challenges.”