KuibyshevAzot has purchased from UWC new generation tank cars for ammonia

PJSC “Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” (“RPC UWC” or “the Holding”) (MOEX: UWGN), the market leader in innovative railcar building in the 1520 mm gauge area, and PJSC “KuibyshevAzot”, one of the leading enterprises of the Russian chemical industry, signed an agreement for the supply of 100 ammonia tank cars, set on bogie with increased axle load.

Tank cars will be involved in the transportation of ammonia, which KuibyshevAzot will be producing in the new capacities, to be commissioned in 2017. Shipment of the first batch of tank cars has already took place; it is planned to deliver the entire quantity of tank cars until the end of the 1-st quarter of 2017.

Andrey Bylinin, Commercial Director at KuibyshevAzot, gave his comment: “Technical re-equipment of our transport direction allows us to develop products supplies, which efficient system is as important as high production volumes. That was the very reason why new generation freight cars gained our interest. Increasing the quality of products and the reliability of their supply, we take care of our customers.”

Tank car of model 15-6926 is the product manufactured by CJSC “TikhvinChemMash” which is part of RPC “United Wagon Company”. Tank car is characterized by increased up to 60.2 tons of payload capacity and tank car tank volume increased up to 92.7 m3, which makes it feasible to additionally load 9 tons into it compared to standard counterparts (with tank car tank volume of 76 m3), i.e. to reduce up to 20% the required fleet.

Tank car is completed with shadow protection, which provides for ammonia transportation with below -33C filling temperature. Tank car also has bogie with an increased axle load, which allows to increase up to 8 years (or 800 thousand km) warranty periods of between-repairs runs. Tank car service life is 40 years.

United Wagon Company and KuibyshevAzot have been in a mutually beneficial cooperation since 2014, when UWC began to transfer hopper cars of model 19-9870 for mineral fertilizers. Today 200 mineral freight cars with increased loading capacity are engaged to KuibyshevAzot for transportation of freights. Positive experience of tank cars operational use and economic benefits, which are revealed during these cars operation, influenced KuibyshevAzot to make a decision on purchase of a batch of tank cars for ammonia.