Latvia’s LDZ ritošā sastāva serviss enters into strategic partnership with United Wagon Company

LDZ ritošā sastāva serviss (RSS) has become a strategic partner of Research and Production Corporation “United Wagon Company” (RPC UWC), the market leader in innovative railcar building in the 1520 mm gauge area, in the sphere of freight car repair.

The certificate issued by United Wagon Company makes RSS into a strategic partner for the repair and maintenance of new generation freight cars built by manufacturing subsidiaries of UWC.

Senior managers of UWC visited Latvia in mid-August 2017 to discuss the potential for joint projects. The resulting agreement calls for the creation of a joint service hub at the Daugavpils Railcar Repair Center to carry out warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repair of freight cars built by UWC subsidiaries.

United Wagon Company is a holding that includes five production enterprises manufacturing freight cars and components, as well as a research and development centre for transportation technology, and leasing and transport companies. The manufacturing subsidiaries have annual production capacity of up to 22,000 freight cars of various types. The cars can operate for a distance of 800,000 kilometers (8 years of use) between depot repairs. UWC has a network of 65 service and 6 training centres in the CIS and Baltic countries.