Locotrans has obtained the first batch of timber platforms manufactured by TikhvinSpetsMash

The railway operator Locotrans received the first batch of timber platforms with increased payload capacity. Total scope of supply is 250 units.

Specialized freight cars of model 13-6852 have been manufactured in TikhvinSpetsMash in cooperation with Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant. TikhvinSpetsMash is a new plant of the railway holding RPC “United Wagon Company” prepared to be commissioned.

The distinctive feature of platforms is payload capacity of 74 t. The platforms are designed for the transportation of 3 – 13 m long timber. The platform loading volume amounts to 122 m3 that makes it feasible to avoid heaped load. Platform side frames serve as a protector of packaged freight and platform useful volume significantly increases thanks to their application.

The application of innovative bogie with 25 tf axle load allows to considerably reduce costs in terms of tariff and decrease freight cars servicing costs during their life time. Servicing of freight cars manufactured by UWC is carried out in more than 50 servicing centers of the “1520 mm gauge area”.

Alexey Petrov, CEO at Locotrans, pointed out: “Given that the market is on a new stage of development, innovative freight cars are indeed the main competitive advantage of the operator. It is important not only to deliver freight, but also to optimize the costs for delivery and freight transportation time. The application of new developments will contribute to reaching a new level of safe and trouble-free operation of freight cars, which will undoubtedly decrease the number of uncoupling repairs and ensure freight safety. That’s why we are committed to using UWC platforms. With innovative freight cars we are ready to transport more freights and over longer distances”.