Locotrans has purchased UWC box cars

TikhvinSpetsMash (a manufacturing enterprise of the railway holding RPC “United Wagon Company”) and railway operator Locotrans have signed the contract for the delivery of a batch of 40 box cars with increased loading capacity. Term of shipment — until the end of H1 2017.

Car building plant for the production of specialized rolling stock has already produced the first batch of new generation box cars of model 11-6874. Due to the application of a bogie with 25 tf axle load as running gear the freight car possesses increased payload capacity of 73 tons and useful body space 175 m3, which in average exceeds by 15 cubic meters modern counterpart models. In terms of its technical and commercial characteristics, the freight car is a universal one for the transportation of both light (plywood, paper, finishing materials and so forth) and heavy (granulated sugar, aluminum, cement and so forth) freights.

The construction design of the box car was developed by the specialists of “All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology” (part of RPC UWC). The expanded doorway facilitates loading-unloading operations with all existing types of forklift trucks. The floor is made of steel corrugated sheets; that provides better adhesion of the freight with this floor surface, as well as adhesion of a loader wheels during loading/unloading. Additional loading hatches on the roof and on side walls of the body provide for a convenient loading of loose freights.

The freight car is designed for a service life of 32 years and a between-repairs run of 800.000 km (or 8 years).

Alexey Petrov, CEO at Locotrans, noted: “We are already familiar with Tikhvin freight cars. Last year we purchased a large batch of freight cars for timber from UWC. Now it is time to update box cars fleet. The main objective of such action is to provide our clients with a high quality rolling stock, the very rolling stock that is built in Tikhvin”.