Nanotechnology Centre of Composites (NCC) has presented a prototype loading hatch cover made using polymer composites. The batch production is planned to start-up at the end of 2014.

The cover is designed especially for hopper-cars model 19-9835, 19-9835-01, 19-9835-02, 19-9835-03, 19-9870 and 19-9870-01 produced by Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ). The product will be manufactured according to innovative technology.

Combination of advantages of composites with manufacturing process and product design characteristics allow reducing cover weight in two times, providing resistance to corrosive environments and compliance with all cargo types. More over implementation of composites extends service life and increases maintenance intervals.

The sample is a part of the United Wagon Company’s exposition. UWC is a managing company of TVSZ and it is exposed at the Fourth International Rail Salon of Engineering and Technologies EXPO 1520.

"The prerequisite for this development was a goal to improve the loading hatch cover design to eliminate their replacement when operating due to corrosion and at the same time reduce labor costs during loading and unloading operations”, said Alexey Rannev, Project Manager at the NCC.

"We focus on advanced design solutions and materials implementation for our products. The product is a successful result of close cooperation between our specialists. We believe that composite utilization is necessary and economically reasonable at this stage of car building development », noted Dmitry Bovykin, Deputy CEO, COO at the UWC.